How Does a Cock Ring Work? The Ultimate Guide

How Does a Cock Ring Work

You might be wondering what a cock ring is. The answer is pretty simple; it is a ring which is placed on penis. The main purpose of the cock ring is to restrict the blood flow by holding the blood in penis. The cock ring helps a man to stay harder for longer period. You get more intense orgasm as the ring makes the man take longer to get the orgasm. There are quite many benefits of utilizing a cock ring from hard erections to adding vibrations. Here in this article we will discuss about how they work, how to use them and some tips on buying the correct one for you.

How to cock rings work?

To understand how it works you need to first understand erection. An erection takes place when arousal makes the brain to send those signals to specialized blood vessels in penis. The blood flow to the penis is increased greatly and the specialized penile tissue gets engorged. High blood flow during the sexual arousal and entire activity keeps the tissue engorged, that has the effect of increasing the tissue size to its maximum size, and the penis becomes hard in this process.

So now coming back to cock ring. Particularly the purpose of the ring is to make a situation in which the blood cannot escape the penile tissue early, and this results in that some men’s penises becomes more engorsed than normal conditions. Our body is very good at pumping in blood but it does not actively pumps out the blood. The evacuation of the blood is mostly because of the circulatory process of the blood… it then pushes it along. With these mechanics in our mind, we now have an explanation and info for the staying power function of cock rings. When it is harder for blood to escape when while the flow into penis starts to decrease a bit, the blood is then being held in penis a bit more aggressively. So a point where a man normally goes through the point of leaving flacid with their low blood flow, they may stay a little harder.

How to use a cock ring?

These cock rings are to be worn around the shaft and balls or just the shaft. They can be fixed size or can be adjustable and are worn usually at the base of penis. They can be worn under the head of penis or in the center of penis. Many men wear the cock rings around the balls as well as their penis.

How to pick the correct cock ring for yourself?

Here are anew tips on picking a cock ring. Take these instructions as suggestions and follow them. You will definitely get the correct cock ring for yourself.
Decide the stretch: These rings come in various kinds of materials. Hard materials like the wood, metal have got no stretch in them and rings made of these materials are difficult to use for beginners. As these cock rings do not stretch or change its shape you will need to select a particular size so that it fits your properly. Rings made of materials like jelly, PVC, silicone contains more flexibility and stretch and this makes them easy to slide over the penis. For beginners materials which are stretchy are strictly recommended.

Choose your tightness: Now you have selected your material, now you must think about the fitting of the ring. Not all the stretchy materials provide you with firmest grip. If you wish to have ring that fits tight, you will have to go for a harder material. A tight ring will give you long lasting erection, intense ejaculation and more firmness. Just remember that many guys find tighter fit uncomfortable whereas some enjoy them.

Good vibrations: Most of the cock rings include a vibrator setting, which feels amazing both for male and female. Some of the cock rings includes multiple vibrators whereas other have single vibration source. A vibrating cock ring can increase the sexual experience between both the partners. The vibrator stimulates the base of penis, adding more of the intensity to the male partner’s orgasm; also it will come in contact with female partner’s clitoris as the male partner thrusts himself to be deeper. So get a cock ring with a good vibrator.