How to Make a Penis Pump Step-by-Step

How to Make a Penis Pump

After you are tired researching about penis pumps and finally arrived at the conclusion that buying one is not your cup of tea, you can now let your worries rest in peace.

Gather your DIY skills and take an oath to make your hands work the wonder while you prepare a homemade penis pump for yourself. Presented here is a blueprint for this project.

Necessary Parts And Materials

Let us now discuss about the materials that you may require to make your own penis pump. We would inform you about the basic parts of a penis pump and also provide a few options that you may use to make that part.

A firm cylindrical chamber

The first part is a hard cylinder with a wide opening at the bottom. This opening is required for you to put your penis in. At the top of the cylinder you need to make a small opening which would aid controlling the air/water flow to increases or decreases the cylinder’s pressure.

Things need to be kept in mind:

It should be rigid and sturdy.

It must be transparent.

The opening at the bottom needs to be wide enough to let your penis in.

The top opening of the cylinder should not be more than an inch diameter.

A soft-rubber base

The rubber base, also known as a gasket, is made out of soft pieces of rubber strips. The wideness and thickness of these strips needs to be an inch so that you can perfectly cut it into a gasket.

The important factor for the rubber base is its softness. You can look for some material in the Shore 20A durometer rating. The softness of this material is almost perfect and is also easy to cut with scissors.

It is recommended for you to buy this material from a local store rather than going through an online process so that you can touch and feel the material for better perfection. The Shore 20A if touched feels like chewing gum and this would be the best base to use.

It is better to buy a few feet of this rubber strip as having some extra may prove to be helpful.

A squeeze pump

You may avail this online or opt for making it yourself. The two parts required for making it are- a hand-squeezing pump and a flexible plastic tube. Following are the steps you need to follow to make this part:

Take the diameter of the plastic tube and cut a hole of the same on the rubber ball.

Stick the opening of the tube to this hole using epoxy adhesive.

Let it dry for a few hours.

It is important to check for any kind of air leakage in your squeeze pump. To test this cover the open end of the tube and squeeze the ball. If it is perfect you must have difficulty squeezing the ball.

You need to attach a tube to the squeeze pump with a valve at the top which will control the air/water pressure.


Your kindergarten glue is no option here since this work requires a much stronger adhesive. The best recommended glue for the purpose would be 3M epoxy with a DP rating between 100 and 250. An ejection gun would serve the purpose best and do not forget to go through the application tips. It is better to work with gloves on since the glue’s contact with skin can be harmful.

This adhesive dries up in five minutes. Therefore you would have five minutes to mix the two given resins and apply it to the conjoining parts.

Joining The Parts

Final steps to be followed:

Cut the soft-rubber strips and join them to the cylinder’s rim using epoxy adhesive.

You need to drill two holes on the cylinder-

First, of equal diameter with the squeeze pump’s tube’s outer diameter.

Second, a small hole easily covered by the thumb.

Attach the rim of the bigger drilled hole of the cylinder to the other end’s rim.

Everything must be air-tight.

How To Use


  1. Your penis should be semi-erect or erect which you place into the cylindrical chamber.
  2. Fit the rubber base and press it against your body.
  3. Squeeze the pump to increase pressure pushing the air out without covering the small hole.
  4. Cover and seal the vent when the squeeze pump is fully compressed letting it to inflate.
  5. Repeat the procedure until you feel a high pressure.

Thus you have your own penis pump. If any of the processes are unclear, feel free to ask at the comment section below.


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