The Ultimate Guide on How to Use a Penis Pump

How To Use A Penis Pump

One of the most effective and safest ways of enlarging your penis is through the use of a penis pump. However, a penis pump is not only used for enlarging the male genitalia, but it can also be used for having a fuller and harder erections. If you already have a penis pump or you’re intimidated with penis pump as you don’t know how to use it, then stick around.

This article is going to focus on how to use a penis pump properly. Also, we have tips on how you can get the most from it.

How To Use The Penis Pump Safely

Step 1 – Read The Manual

With one look at a penis pump, it’s easy to assume that it’s all about inserting the penis and start pumping. However, keep in mind that you are dealing with something that will involve your genitalia. Unless you have a spare a penis lying around, it’s in your best interest to take every precaution possible Hence, don’t skip reading the manual even though it might sound like a boring idea. Again, safety first.

Step 2 – The Tube

If you have already finished reading the manual, then it’s time to grab your penis pump. Make sure that it’s clean. Then, slowly insert your penis into the cylindrical tube.

Step 3 – The Air

The next step is creating a vacuum. Press down on the penis pump and start pumping the air out with the pumping mechanism. In this step, you are not yet starting your penis pump session. It’s best that you separate the actual session and creating the vacuum for maximum effectivity.

Step 4 – The Session

Start your timer and start pumping. You’d want to control the pressure level in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Aside from that, pay attention to your body and penis for physiological indicators.

If you are a beginner, it’s best that you don’t exceed more than 15 minutes.

Step 5 – The Deflation

The final step is pushing the valve that will release the vacuum you created within the pump. Take a few minutes rest before doing any strenuous physical activity.

The steps we mentioned above is just the basics when it comes to the operation of a penis pump. There are a lot of techniques you can do to increase the effectiveness of the pump, and that’s what we are going to cover below.

Penis Pump Techniques

* Milking The Tube

Milking The Tube is a popular techinque for promoting and maintaining blood circulation within the penis. It also trains and strengthens the internal chambers of the penis.

This technique is similar to masturbating. However, instead of holding the penis, you hold the pump. Move the penis pump up and down. Do not do this more than 5 to 7 minutes especially if you are a beginner. Also, do not apply too much force, but use a smooth and slow up and down motion.

* Pulse Pumping

Pulse Pumping is a very effective technique for improving blood circulation within the penis. It’s also good at exercising the muscles within the male genitalia.

The idea of pulse pumping is using different pressure levels in a single session. As an example, start by using the maximum setting pressure level. Then, after a minute or two, lower the pressure level. Repeat until you reach the lowest pressure level. Then, pump the device again to the maximum pressure level and repeat the process.

* Shakes

Shakes is a good technique that will not only improve the penis, but also the hips and groin area. As a result, you should be able to get maintain stronger erections for longer periods of time.

To perform the shakes, start with an erect penis. Once, the penis pump is in place, you can start doing the shakes. The idea is roughly the same with “Milking The Tube” as you’d want the penis pump to have a rocking, up and down motion. The big difference is that you don’t use your hands. Instead, you will use your hips to generate that rocking, up and down motion.

Wrapping It All Up

A penis pump is a device that in increasing the length and girth of a penis. It may be a simple device, but you should never skip reading the manual before doing any session. Using the pump is straightforward, and you can refer to the steps above. Furthermore, you can also check on the different techniques we mentioned above for maximizing the effects of your penis pump.

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