The Ultimate Guide to Stem Cell Penis Enlargement

Stem Cells in Penis enlargement

As the technology increases and renovates, the world of entertainment especially personal improvement has changed. Stem cells have been making headlines recently due to their purported features involved in growth of body organs more specifically in penis enlargement. Though there is no scientific formula to increase the size of penis, there are some experiments that have shown to work. One of the most experimented processes is the use of stem cells to enlarge the size of penis. Not only penises, stem cells are also used to increase the size of other areas such as breast and promote hair growth. Some scientist has described stem cell as the next generation of growth.

Due to the reputation that stem cells upholds in laboratory functions, a lot of individuals are seeking information to know whether they are actually involved in penis enlargement.

To understand how stem cells can be used to increase the size of the penis it is important to understand how they stimulate growth.

Stem cell and growth

Growth factors are naturally occurring in the body. However, there are individuals whose growth factors are not effective but can be injected with some manufactured growth cells such as stem cells. The core purpose of growth factors is to stimulate the growth cells and tissues via cell differentiation by changing their cellular growth, biochemical activities and regulating their rate of proliferation. Their structures are made of peptide- hormone like but not limited to certain tissues. They act on the target tissues in both diffusible and non diffusible ways. Stem cell has been identified by medical practitioners as growth cells which cause growth and repair of specific wounds.

Application of stem cells to penis enlargement

Having the knowledge of how stem cell causes growth, doctors apply this formula for penis enlargement. Stem cells are obtained from certain plants that grow all over the world. Once the stem cells have been obtained, the doctor will inject them on the target organ (in our case which is the penis) and then the growth factors within the penis will stimulate the stem growth cells to differentiate by changing their bimolecular reactions cellular growth and regulating their proliferation. This is biologically correct and has worked before but has not yet been proven by FDE. Stem cells have been shown to be effective in causing growth in other areas such as breast application and in organ transplant. The important thing to note with stem growth cells in penis enlargement application is that you do not require to use compliments and drugs. Once injected, you wait for few days so that differentiation of the penis cells can begin. General biology states that differentiation is the key factor that accelerates growth. Therefore, if differentiation has occurred in your penis, it will eventually increase in size.

Some people might argue that cell growth occurs naturally in our bodies and they can be stimulated to cause growth. They continue by asking why penis growth cells are not stimulated. As earlier indicated, there are some cells that have reached to the maximum cell of growth and thus cannot differentiate again. Some might have less growth cells and therefore differentiation might not be enough to cause enlargement. Since stem cells are well known growth cells, the growth factors within your body will stimulate them and cause them to grow.

The reason why the use of stem cell is not yet approved by the FDE is that it can cause cancer and other diseases if heavily used or poorly inserted into the target organ. When there is an increased growth cell in human body than the optimum level, they cause malignant which is cancerous. However, if closely monitored under all biological conditions, this is the next biggest biological and scientific discovery to enlarge not only penises but other organs such as hair and breast.


Though not yet scientifically proven, the explanation illustrated above is a clear prove of what happens during growth. If this can be translated to the growth in penis and well monitored, stem cells are ideal for the enlargement of penis. Nevertheless, for this process to be successful, there must be meticulous monitoring of the intended amount of stem cells to be used and assessment of your body before insertion.

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