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  • Are you looking to learn more about the Phallogauge penis extender?
  • What’s so special about this product?
  • My Personal Size Results after 12 Weeks
  • How is it worn?
  • Why Phallogauge team designed Phallogauge extender?
  • What are the parts of this Phallogauge penis stretcher?
  • How is Phallogauge stretcher better than other products in the market?

My Size Results after wearing the PhalloGauge for 12 weeks:

I took this before-and-after HD photo in the same spot in my backyard after 12 weeks.

The results from the PhalloGauge Extender are fucking fantastic and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve wasted so much time on other extenders, and PhalloGauge was the one that finally fucking did the job.

Although it’s hard to tell from the photo, I gained a nearly half an inch after my 12 week period.

(I gained a slight amount of girth, but not that much.)

I feel fucking longer, harder – and not to mention hornier. Now, my girlfriend says I plow through her like a bull and she can’t get enough.

Don’t be an idiot like me in the past and waste your time & money with other extenders.

Just get the PhalloGauge Extender. No questions asked.

The Best Penis Extender?

But if that wasn’t enough – Dr. Jeff Ferrara, MD even wrote a whole penis extender review that reveals what the most popular extenders of 2020 are.

Feel free to Google his review.

He reviews the top 3 best penis extenders as well based on different performance criteria.

But in short, his preferred penis extender was the one sold from the PhalloGauge official website.

Penile Extenders for Review

Just know answers for all the above questions, we going to cover here.

Basically, the PhalloGauge penis extender is the penis enlargement device used to stretch penis for about 4-6 hours daily in order to gain permanent penis length. It was developed by PhalloGauge Company and you may experience genuine length gains by employing this product in 2 to 3 months.

Penis extenders are just one of many penis enlargement methods.

This penis extender applies tension to the penis shaft and stimulates further enlargement. It comprises of three main parts and that includes, foam donut, waist belt, and silicone material penis wrap.

Firstly, the combo of foam donut with model S is looped around the user’s penis base. It’s ideally used for holding the user’s penis in stretched and elongated position.

Then, the waist belt wraps around user’s waist and connected to silicone penis wrap and that provides a firm grip to the base of the user’s penis.

How is this penis extender worn?

The outcome of this product is really stable and offers a nice pull to the user’s penis shaft.

In this review, let’s see how this penis extender is effective upon your penis and why it’s so superior to other products?

You can wear this penis extender anytime during the day and can also be used while performing a variety of tasks.

This penis extender is extremely concealed and no one can identify that you are wearing it beneath your pants. Because of this ultimate user experience design, it gained popularity when compared to other products in the market.

This penis extender product hold is completely stable and does not navigate from position unless or until the user wants to move.

Why did the Phallogauge team design the Phallogauge extender?

Dr. Jeff Ferrara is a medical doctor and Senior Medical Device Engineer at PhalloGauge Medical.

He has over 15 years of experience with getting medical devices approved by the the FDA certification and CE Certification.

Therefore, Jeff and his team are extremely qualified to sell medical devices and they know what they’re talking about.

In the current penis extender systems, many issues are seen. Nowadays, people are having the habit of wearing tight pants. So, in such a case it’s really difficult to this extender product.

Similarly, some penis extenders may not be stable and can be removed easily.

Another issue with the penis extender is that they can be used only inside and not in public. Using extenders in the workplace is not ideal since it’s completely disastrous if they slip off.

Thus after complete analysis, the Phallogauge team came up with this amazing Phallogauge penis extender for achieving enlarged penis with complete comfort.

The product designed by Phallogauge Company is completely hidden from other people’s view and can be worn in public places without any hesitation.

Another advantage of this product is that they are completely stable and you need not fear about slide off. It’s really simple to use this product and you just need to twist your shaft for achieving fabulous stretches.

Why it’s so special?

The penis extender melds so well and fully adjustable in nature.

The minimum and maximum length of this amazing product are 14 and 44 inches.

You can wear it under your clothing and it’s extremely comfortable.

This penis extender offers you with freedom of movement and you can wear this superb product even under your tight pants with no fear of movement.

It’s lightweight and comprises of materials like Velcro, silicone, nylon, rubber and ABS plastic.

You can adjust the penis extenders easily and no slippage issue is encountered in this product.

Ultimately, it’s so superior to other products in the market especially because of the above advantages. It’s really a wise choice and it’s a complete value for your money.

How is the Phallogauge better than its competitors?

Firstly, the customer service offered by PhalloGauge Medical is superb and it possesses good prospects. No other company will respond quickly as Phallogauge.

Additionally, the penis extender designed by PhalloGauge can be used anywhere and at any time without the fear of slipping.

You just need to clean the penis extender once in a while by dipping it into the water.

You can walk or run with this penis extender and your penis won’t stick or create a bulge in your pants. Overall, it’s a reliable tool and a complete time saver. You can strengthen your penis easily in various directions with this product.

It’s extremely safe and you are provided with guaranteed safety which other products may lack. But, overstretching your penis with extenders may cause injury.

Actually, it is straightforward approach and you can stretch it for a long time. The outcome of this product is similar to natural stretching and it employs precise technology.

Ultimately, it’s regarded as the best penis extender product in the market than other products because of its magnificent features and it offers cent percent confidence to the user.

Is PhalloGauge Penis Extender for all Men?

If you are in need of larger penis, then without any doubt you can own this Phallogauge Penis stretcher.

Most guys may feel tired while working out enlargement exercises while some may feel difficult to exercise during their workday.

If you do workout after their work time then, you may lose your momentum and become weak easily. So, just to overcome that dilemma you can use this Phallogauge penis extender. It’s ideal for those men and you can achieve enlarged penis easily without any effort.

Another advantage is that this penis extender is available at an affordable price and you can achieve incredible success with this product.

The feeling of rewarding emotions and success for accomplishing the result will give you a sense of satisfaction. Overall, it’s ideal for all men who want a large penis and as mentioned earlier, it is completely easy to wear with no fear of slipping.

Pros and Cons of Phallogauge Extender

Penis Extender Pros

  • More comfortable than other products
  • It’s really simple to adjust
  • Works well
  • It does not limit your movement. You can move freely without any hesitation.

Penis Extender Cons

  • Hook lock may look little fragile.
  • Penis Extender is not for everybody.

Should You Buy It?

Just remember, penis extender outcomes are scientifically proven. It is more convenient than other stretchers and safer than enlargement devices and procedures in the market. You can also achieve definite improvement with the help of similar stretches.

Penis extenders are certified for medical self-use.

Additionally, it’s simple, non-restrictive design adds some more beauty to this amazing product. It’s extremely durable and versatile. Overall, Phallogauge penis extender is like a spotlight with so many advantages and it’s a worthy product and definitely, a value for the money spent.