How to Make a Penis Pump Step-by-Step

How to Make a Penis Pump

After you are tired researching about penis pumps and finally arrived at the conclusion that buying one is not your cup of tea, you can now let your worries rest in peace.

Gather your DIY skills and take an oath to make your hands work the wonder while you prepare a homemade penis pump for yourself. Presented here is a blueprint for this project.

Necessary Parts And Materials

Let us now discuss about the materials that you may require to make your own penis pump. We would inform you about the basic parts of a penis pump and also provide a few options that you may use to make that part.

A firm cylindrical chamber

The first part is a hard cylinder with a wide opening at the bottom. This opening is required for you to put your penis in. At the top of the cylinder you need to make a small opening which would aid controlling the air/water flow to increases or decreases the cylinder’s pressure.

Things need to be kept in mind:

It should be rigid and sturdy.

It must be transparent.

The opening at the bottom needs to be wide enough to let your penis in.

The top opening of the cylinder should not be more than an inch diameter.

A soft-rubber base

The rubber base, also known as a gasket, is made out of soft pieces of rubber strips. The wideness and thickness of these strips needs to be an inch so that you can perfectly cut it into a gasket.

The important factor for the rubber base is its softness. You can look for some material in the Shore 20A durometer rating. The softness of this material is almost perfect and is also easy to cut with scissors.

It is recommended for you to buy this material from a local store rather than going through an online process so that you can touch and feel the material for better perfection. The Shore 20A if touched feels like chewing gum and this would be the best base to use.

It is better to buy a few feet of this rubber strip as having some extra may prove to be helpful.

A squeeze pump

You may avail this online or opt for making it yourself. The two parts required for making it are- a hand-squeezing pump and a flexible plastic tube. Following are the steps you need to follow to make this part:

Take the diameter of the plastic tube and cut a hole of the same on the rubber ball.

Stick the opening of the tube to this hole using epoxy adhesive.

Let it dry for a few hours.

It is important to check for any kind of air leakage in your squeeze pump. To test this cover the open end of the tube and squeeze the ball. If it is perfect you must have difficulty squeezing the ball.

You need to attach a tube to the squeeze pump with a valve at the top which will control the air/water pressure.


Your kindergarten glue is no option here since this work requires a much stronger adhesive. The best recommended glue for the purpose would be 3M epoxy with a DP rating between 100 and 250. An ejection gun would serve the purpose best and do not forget to go through the application tips. It is better to work with gloves on since the glue’s contact with skin can be harmful.

This adhesive dries up in five minutes. Therefore you would have five minutes to mix the two given resins and apply it to the conjoining parts.

Joining The Parts

Final steps to be followed:

Cut the soft-rubber strips and join them to the cylinder’s rim using epoxy adhesive.

You need to drill two holes on the cylinder-

First, of equal diameter with the squeeze pump’s tube’s outer diameter.

Second, a small hole easily covered by the thumb.

Attach the rim of the bigger drilled hole of the cylinder to the other end’s rim.

Everything must be air-tight.

How To Use


  1. Your penis should be semi-erect or erect which you place into the cylindrical chamber.
  2. Fit the rubber base and press it against your body.
  3. Squeeze the pump to increase pressure pushing the air out without covering the small hole.
  4. Cover and seal the vent when the squeeze pump is fully compressed letting it to inflate.
  5. Repeat the procedure until you feel a high pressure.

Thus you have your own penis pump. If any of the processes are unclear, feel free to ask at the comment section below.


How Does a Cock Ring Work? The Ultimate Guide

How Does a Cock Ring Work

You might be wondering what a cock ring is. The answer is pretty simple; it is a ring which is placed on penis. The main purpose of the cock ring is to restrict the blood flow by holding the blood in penis. The cock ring helps a man to stay harder for longer period. You get more intense orgasm as the ring makes the man take longer to get the orgasm. There are quite many benefits of utilizing a cock ring from hard erections to adding vibrations. Here in this article we will discuss about how they work, how to use them and some tips on buying the correct one for you.

How to cock rings work?

To understand how it works you need to first understand erection. An erection takes place when arousal makes the brain to send those signals to specialized blood vessels in penis. The blood flow to the penis is increased greatly and the specialized penile tissue gets engorged. High blood flow during the sexual arousal and entire activity keeps the tissue engorged, that has the effect of increasing the tissue size to its maximum size, and the penis becomes hard in this process.

So now coming back to cock ring. Particularly the purpose of the ring is to make a situation in which the blood cannot escape the penile tissue early, and this results in that some men’s penises becomes more engorsed than normal conditions. Our body is very good at pumping in blood but it does not actively pumps out the blood. The evacuation of the blood is mostly because of the circulatory process of the blood… it then pushes it along. With these mechanics in our mind, we now have an explanation and info for the staying power function of cock rings. When it is harder for blood to escape when while the flow into penis starts to decrease a bit, the blood is then being held in penis a bit more aggressively. So a point where a man normally goes through the point of leaving flacid with their low blood flow, they may stay a little harder.

How to use a cock ring?

These cock rings are to be worn around the shaft and balls or just the shaft. They can be fixed size or can be adjustable and are worn usually at the base of penis. They can be worn under the head of penis or in the center of penis. Many men wear the cock rings around the balls as well as their penis.

How to pick the correct cock ring for yourself?

Here are anew tips on picking a cock ring. Take these instructions as suggestions and follow them. You will definitely get the correct cock ring for yourself.
Decide the stretch: These rings come in various kinds of materials. Hard materials like the wood, metal have got no stretch in them and rings made of these materials are difficult to use for beginners. As these cock rings do not stretch or change its shape you will need to select a particular size so that it fits your properly. Rings made of materials like jelly, PVC, silicone contains more flexibility and stretch and this makes them easy to slide over the penis. For beginners materials which are stretchy are strictly recommended.

Choose your tightness: Now you have selected your material, now you must think about the fitting of the ring. Not all the stretchy materials provide you with firmest grip. If you wish to have ring that fits tight, you will have to go for a harder material. A tight ring will give you long lasting erection, intense ejaculation and more firmness. Just remember that many guys find tighter fit uncomfortable whereas some enjoy them.

Good vibrations: Most of the cock rings include a vibrator setting, which feels amazing both for male and female. Some of the cock rings includes multiple vibrators whereas other have single vibration source. A vibrating cock ring can increase the sexual experience between both the partners. The vibrator stimulates the base of penis, adding more of the intensity to the male partner’s orgasm; also it will come in contact with female partner’s clitoris as the male partner thrusts himself to be deeper. So get a cock ring with a good vibrator.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Use a Penis Pump

How To Use A Penis Pump

One of the most effective and safest ways of enlarging your penis is through the use of a penis pump.

If you’re looking to actually buy one here are more detailed reviews on the best pumps – these pumps were reviewed by the one and only: PhalloGauge Medical.

However, a penis pump is not only used for enlarging the male genitalia, but it can also be used for having a fuller and harder erections.

If you already have a penis pump or you’re intimidated with penis pump as you don’t know how to use it, then stick around.

penis pump in hand

Here’s a penis pump – it’s a pretty decent size (has to fit around your penis after all!)

This article is going to focus on how to use a penis pump properly. Also, we have tips on how you can get the most from it.

While everyone uses a penis pump differently, this is our surefire way to use it safely.

Not only do they cover the basics of penis pumps and safety, but PhalloGauge Medical also covers the differences between air and water pumps.

Don’t over look this fact – there is a very important difference between the two pumps.

How To Use The Penis Pump Safely

Unopened penis pump in hand

Here’s what the pump looks like when it arrives – very exciting!

Step 1 – Read The Penis Pump Manual

With one look at a penis pump, it’s easy to assume that it’s all about inserting the penis and start penis pumping. However, keep in mind that you are dealing with something that will involve your genitalia. Unless you have a spare a penis lying around, it’s in your best interest to take every precaution possible Hence, don’t skip reading the manual even though it might sound like a boring idea. Again, safety first.

Step 2 – The Penis Pumping Tube

If you have already finished reading the manual, then it’s time to grab your penis pump. Make sure that it’s clean. Then, slowly insert your penis into the cylindrical tube.

semi-erect penis before going into pump

Be semi-erect before putting on pump. 80% hardness is perfect.

Step 3 – The Air

The next step is creating a vacuum. Press

down on the penis pump and start pumping the air out with the penis pumping mechanism. In this step, you are not yet starting your penis pump session. It’s best that you separate the actual session and creating the vacuum for maximum effectivity.

Step 4 – The Penis Pumping Session

penis inside a penis pump

Penis inside the pump. Maintain your erection as long as possible!

Start your timer and start pumping. You’d want to control the pressure level in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Aside from that, pay attention to your body and penis for physiological indicators.

If you are a beginner, it’s best that you don’t exceed more than 15 minutes.

Step 5 – The Deflation

The final step is pushing the valve that will release the vacuum you created within the pump. Take a few minutes rest before doing any strenuous physical activity.

This is definitely the best thing for your penile organ.

The steps we mentioned above is just the basics when it comes to the operation of a penis pump. There are a lot of techniques you can do to increase the effectiveness of the pump, and that’s what we are going to cover below.

Penis Pump Techniques

* Milking The Tube

Milking The Tube is a popular techinque for promoting and maintaining blood circulation within the penis. It also trains and strengthens the internal chambers of the penis.

This technique is similar to masturbating. However, instead of holding the penis, you hold the pump. Move the penis pump up and down. Do not do this more than 5 to 7 minutes especially if you are a beginner. Also, do not apply too much force, but use a smooth and slow up and down motion.

* Pulse Pumping

Pulse Penis Pumping is a very effective technique for improving blood circulation within the penis. It’s also good at exercising the muscles within the male genitalia.

The idea of pulse pumping is using different pressure levels in a single session. As an example, start by using the maximum setting pressure level.

Then, after a minute or two, lower the pressure level. Repeat until you reach the lowest pressure level. Then, pump the device again to the maximum pressure level and repeat the process.

* Shakes

Shakes is a good technique that will not only improve the penis, but also the hips and groin area. As a result, you should be able to get maintain stronger erections for longer periods of time.

To perform the shakes, start with an erect penis. Once, the penis pump is in place, you can start doing the shakes.

The idea is roughly the same with “Milking The Tube” as you’d want the penis pump to have a rocking, up and down motion. The big difference is that you don’t use your hands. Instead, you will use your hips to generate that rocking, up and down motion.

Wrapping It All Up

A penis pump is a device that in increasing the length and girth of a penis.

It may be a simple device, but you should never skip reading the manual before doing any session.

Case of new penis pumps

When men utilize the penis pump, they’re striving to reach a “better” form of themselves.

Using the pump is straightforward, and you can refer to the steps above. Furthermore, you can also check on the different techniques we mentioned above for maximizing the effects of your penis pump.

The Ultimate Guide to Stem Cell Penis Enlargement

Stem Cells in Penis enlargement

As the technology increases and renovates, the world of entertainment especially personal improvement has changed. Stem cells have been making headlines recently due to their purported features involved in growth of body organs more specifically in penis enlargement. Though there is no scientific formula to increase the size of penis, there are some experiments that have shown to work. One of the most experimented processes is the use of stem cells to enlarge the size of penis. Not only penises, stem cells are also used to increase the size of other areas such as breast and promote hair growth. Some scientist has described stem cell as the next generation of growth.

Due to the reputation that stem cells upholds in laboratory functions, a lot of individuals are seeking information to know whether they are actually involved in penis enlargement.

To understand how stem cells can be used to increase the size of the penis it is important to understand how they stimulate growth.

Stem cell and growth

Growth factors are naturally occurring in the body. However, there are individuals whose growth factors are not effective but can be injected with some manufactured growth cells such as stem cells. The core purpose of growth factors is to stimulate the growth cells and tissues via cell differentiation by changing their cellular growth, biochemical activities and regulating their rate of proliferation. Their structures are made of peptide- hormone like but not limited to certain tissues. They act on the target tissues in both diffusible and non diffusible ways. Stem cell has been identified by medical practitioners as growth cells which cause growth and repair of specific wounds.

Application of stem cells to penis enlargement

Having the knowledge of how stem cell causes growth, doctors apply this formula for penis enlargement. Stem cells are obtained from certain plants that grow all over the world. Once the stem cells have been obtained, the doctor will inject them on the target organ (in our case which is the penis) and then the growth factors within the penis will stimulate the stem growth cells to differentiate by changing their bimolecular reactions cellular growth and regulating their proliferation. This is biologically correct and has worked before but has not yet been proven by FDE. Stem cells have been shown to be effective in causing growth in other areas such as breast application and in organ transplant. The important thing to note with stem growth cells in penis enlargement application is that you do not require to use compliments and drugs. Once injected, you wait for few days so that differentiation of the penis cells can begin. General biology states that differentiation is the key factor that accelerates growth. Therefore, if differentiation has occurred in your penis, it will eventually increase in size.

Some people might argue that cell growth occurs naturally in our bodies and they can be stimulated to cause growth. They continue by asking why penis growth cells are not stimulated. As earlier indicated, there are some cells that have reached to the maximum cell of growth and thus cannot differentiate again. Some might have less growth cells and therefore differentiation might not be enough to cause enlargement. Since stem cells are well known growth cells, the growth factors within your body will stimulate them and cause them to grow.

The reason why the use of stem cell is not yet approved by the FDE is that it can cause cancer and other diseases if heavily used or poorly inserted into the target organ. When there is an increased growth cell in human body than the optimum level, they cause malignant which is cancerous. However, if closely monitored under all biological conditions, this is the next biggest biological and scientific discovery to enlarge not only penises but other organs such as hair and breast.


Though not yet scientifically proven, the explanation illustrated above is a clear prove of what happens during growth. If this can be translated to the growth in penis and well monitored, stem cells are ideal for the enlargement of penis. Nevertheless, for this process to be successful, there must be meticulous monitoring of the intended amount of stem cells to be used and assessment of your body before insertion.

The Top 5 Penis Enlargement Vitamins and Herbs

The Top 5 Penis Enlargement Vitamins and Herbs

Is your penis small?

Are you thinking of enlarging it in the most natural way possible?

Well, you are in the right place.

You aren’t the first one.

Most men who have small sized penis feel below par in most cases.

This can be embarrassing to an extend right?

On the other hand men with larger or let’s say perfectly sized penises feel so comfortable and manly.

So why is this?

Well, the reason is a man thing.

So how can you make your penis grow longer?

Growing the penis has seen so many use various techniques which are at times effective, while in other situations they have ended up wasting much of their time and money as well.

Do you know that certain herbs and vitamins can enlarge your penis to your perfect size?

Even the CDC thinks so.

Remember that as much as they effectively work perfectly, it’s always a good idea to consult a medical professional before you can embark on the intake.

Here are the top 5 penis enlargement vitamins and
herbs that will guarantee great results.

1. Vitamin E

Isn’t vitamin E used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction?

Yes it is.

This vitamin helps in the circulation of blood and also boosts the growth of penis. It ensures there is no hampering of blood.

Vitamin E facilitates for blood circulation in the penis which fills the 3 erectile
chambers in the penis, this in turn enables your shaft to increase in size and
become extra harder.

2. Vitamin B9

This natural occurring Vitamin is used by
health specialists to help a patient’s heart health and also improve on their
blood flow. These are just a few of the numerous issues concerning health where
it’s used. When it comes to the shaft, vitamin B9 is real booster in blood
circulation. It’s a vitamin known to treat erectile problems, this may include
enlargement of the penis as well.

3. Vitamin B5

As far as penile function is the current topic, vitamin B5 is one of the healthiest remedy that can guarantee great results.

It helps in cell metabolism of the penis.

This is by ensuring that the penile cells maintain a healthy state at all times.

B5 also aids in speeding the recovery process and boosting energy.T

his is very helpful during enlargement of the penis.

4. Ginkgo Biloba

The Ginkgo tree leaves are very rich in natural ingredients which are used to make natural supplements.

Thanks to the medical researchers who have done a great job to examine and test it.

For a very long time men have used the ginkgo supplement to increase the penis size, strength and also for sexual desires.

The ginkgo is proven to facilitate for blood flow to the extremities of your body.

Remember this includes your stick too.

In other cases it’s used as remedy to curb the problem of aging.

5. Horny goat weed or Epimedium

The name horny goat weed comes from way back then when herbalists noticed a certain behavior in goats after they consumed the plant; funny to say, the goats got hornier and extra hard when they ate the leaves.

Thus the name came to be.

In traditional medicine, epimedium is used to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction; this is due to the reason that it contains compounds that
have an effect as that of Viagra.

When combined with other herbal medicine it works well with men in boosting the growth of the penis.

It’s effective and can promise great results for men.

Do penis enlargement vitamins and herbs work?

Well, the simple answer here is YES THEY DO!

This is if only, they are used through a medical practitioner’s advice.

You can always be sure of noticeable increase in your penis growth.

On the other hand remember that each individual reacts differently to this herbs are vitamins and this is dependent on a number of factors which include;


It comes to a point when these remedies may fail to work well.

For instance; using these enlargement remedies during men menopause time may be the wrong time due to the reason that they may have minimal effect.

Health conditions

Certain health conditions may not allow usage of these herbs and vitamins and that why it’s always a good idea to seek medical consultation first.


When in the process of penis enlargement, other drugs like alcohol may not be advisable as they may interfere with the process.

A healthy lifestyle will guarantee lucrative results in the long last.

We just told you the top 5 penis enlargement vitamins and herbs that will make your dream come true.

The Definitive Guide to Penis Enlargement Oil

What is Penis Enlargement Oil?

It’s a superb product to have in the medicine cabinet.


Because they feel great.

But what are they?

Penis creams and penis oils are topical methods for enhancing one’s manhood.

These products proved its effectiveness and efficiency, with the ingredients directly absorbed into the bloodstream through the penis skin, which offers instant results.

The Different Benefits of Penis Oil

Here are the immediate benefits of penis oil:

  • Longer Erections. Longer erections occur when your body can effectively deliver the penis shaft blood for prolong periods of time.
  • Fuller Erections. Make sure you’re maximizing the size you already have by ensuring every cavity of your penis tissue is filled with blood
  • Harder Erections. Harder boners are a result of ensuring that your penis fully fills with blood and can hold it all in for a long time.

Next, we will what’s actually in these male products that make these above effects happen!

Penis Enlargement Oil Ingredients: What’s in It?

In fact, one can still have oral sex without having to worry about toxic chemicals.

But that’s not all.

The ingredients used for male enhancement creams, gels and oils made from natural ingredients and safe to consume.

Here are the most common ingredients you will find in penis creams, oils, and gels.

  • Arginine – This basic amino acid constitutes most proteins. The essential nutrient works as part in the diet of vertebrates.
  • Botanical – Other common ingredients for ointments include aloe vera extracts, tree bark, olive oil extracts, plant seed. pure water, vitamins,  and various other nutritous extracts, which mainly brings vitamins and properties for topical medication.
  • Artificial flavoring – Some girls love a little artificial taste, like candy.

Is Enlargement Oil Safe to Use?

Most of the products manufactured by trusted companies are very safe.

And if you are not satisfied you can simply stop using them and be done with it.

You can apply the oil, gel, or cream on prior to having sex.

Many men have testified that the premium products out there really are a lot better than the generic ones.

Be sure to look for the ones that are proven to work and have good reviews.

Their names are mentioned in many penis enlargement forums or online communities.

Here’s what to expect when using penis oil:

First – what it feels like when you first place the oil on your penis:

You will feel a tingling sensation in your penis.

The oil will also make your hands a bit slippery, so you’ll want to wash it off immediately after putting it on.

But don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it on your hands, but most guys tend to like to multitask with the oil on, so if you’re using a computer, you’ll definitely want to wash it off when you’re done.

When is the best time of the day to use penis enlargement oil?

There are two scenarios:

If you plan to do penis enlargement exercises or just before having sex.

Why is that?

Results gained from penis enlargement training is permanent.

Well, penis enlargement is based upon the tensile forces applied to penile tissue due to stretching.

That is, each exercise is stretching the tissues to the max, both laterally (from stretching) and outwards (due to expansion from higher blood flow).

When the blood flow is maximized in your penis through oils, you’re effectively getting the most bang for your buck for each exercise.

The other use? Use it just before and during sex.

This is just to help you with actual intercourse- by keeping your erection harder, fuller, and longer so that she enjoys it as well.

Not to mention she will absolutely love the pleasure from the oil rubbing.

The good part is that the effects of the oil will die down after you’re both done, and the oil does its job to the tee.

Is VigRX a good substitute for penis oil?

Not really.

VigRX is a pill and it can’t really provide the same benefits as described here.

I would highly not recommend VigRX.

Can I masturbate with and orgasm after I use the penis enlargement oil?

Yes, you can!

The Best Penis Enlargement Oil on the Market

If you plan to buy one for yourself or for your partner, keep the following tips to get the best penis creams and oils.

Learn how it works and what features are in each product.

See what other people are saying about different oil products.

You can also learn through customer reviews if the product shows more truth to its words, as well as medically tested, with unwanted side effects.

An efficient way to learn how effective and reliable the product: Read other user testimonials.

Finding the cheapest item does not guarantee best results.

By doing your research, you can compare prices and efficiency even without spending for it yet.

In fact, you should always skip the cheapest one because of the sensitiveness of your genital area.

So, spend more resources and time in finding the best penis oil for you.

Don’t worry for paying a little extra for your safety in purchasing a legit ointment.