What to do If You Get an Erection During a Testicular Exam

When you went to the doctor, did you have an erection during a testicular exam? Was it embarrassing? Talk about awkward situations! Well, you are not alone. This is a natural response that most able men have during testicular examinations, trust me, it happens a lot. Regardless of whether the doctor is male or female, you may not be able to control it. Plus, it doesn’t have to mean anything. Don’t beat yourself over it. You should be more worried if it didn’t happen.

Furthermore, it happens so many times that your doctor must have experienced it a million times. He/ she is probably used to that kind of stuff. For most guys, this is an automatic response, just like the way the leg bounces when the doctor hits your knee with a hammer. The doctor won’t be repulsed or bothered by it, no need to get too embarrassed. When the doctor notices it, he/ she is highly unlikely to mention it. These guys have seen it all.

So how do you deal with this situation when it happens? This is a definitely awkward situation, jokes always bring normality to such an occurrence. Try making a joke about it and laugh it off. This is a huge distraction that will remove all the attention on the event. Don’t make an awkward joke as it may potentially lead to extreme awkwardness on you and the medical practitioner. Say something like- “At least it’s working.”

If you get too embarrassed, the body usually releases adrenaline which restricts your blood flow to erection and shuts it down. Try taming your erection by distract yourself. However, it is much easier said than done. I mean, the doctor is touching highly sensitive areas! Although, if you try to get something that may distract you, you are halfway home. Focus on something irreverent, important or better yet something weird. The idea here is when you are thinking about something else it is hard to have an erection in the same time.

When thinking about important stuff, if you’re older, think about the bills you have to pay, this is a definite boner buster, if you are younger, think about your parents. Thinking about irrelevant things involves not taking things so seriously. Picture some funny memes you saw on your timeline or just Remember some funny cat videos you watched. Plain old weird things always divert your attention. The weirder, the better. Something like clowns, or the vast universe will do the trick!

Try putting some thing cold on your lap. Well, most of us don’t go around with ice packs on a doctors appointment, so it might be hard to work this one out. Although, the examination room usually has several cold surfaces. You may try leaning against a bed stand or a wall to make it less excited. Again, don’t let the situation be awkward trying to get the doctors equipment on your lap – be as normal as possible.

Find some not-weird excuse to go to the restrooms. Or just go to the bathroom without a pretext, it less weird. When you are there, splash some cold water on your face or start doing some jumping jacks when no one is around. If it helps, try finishing your self off before going to your examination. If you were already erect, and you finished your business in the restroom, there is a lesser chance of you getting an erection when the doctor examines you. Trust me; the doctor won’t notice you did anything.

Whatever you do, don’t make the already bad situation worse. We don’t want it to get more excited than it already is. Try not to picture an attractive person. Don’t be too much fixated on the uncomfortable that may lead to making it worse. The whole discomfort usually subsides and eventually goes away when you complete these steps.

If you really don’t want the hassle of trying to tame that lion, the easiest way to deal with the occurrence is ignoring it. As we said, it’s pretty normal for every man going through such. If your friend who has done a testicular test never talked about it, he is probably embarrassed and doesn’t want to talk about it or whatever. So, Yeah, it’s not a huge deal as we sometimes put it. Remain calm and complete your examination.