When do penises stop growing?

Men have been concerned about their penises for centuries and when you’re entering puberty it’s natural to wonder – how big can it get and when will it stop growing?

It’s a delicate question perhaps, but one that many boys will be entering puberty. That anxious time, as your body matures and you become a man. It’s a stressful time especially if others your own age are progressing at a faster rate. So, if you’re wondering what to expect, here are the medical facts.

Entering puberty

As you enter puberty your body will start to change from a child’s into a man’s and that includes your penis. This is when it will do most of its growing – a time when it increases rapidly in both length and girth. As anyone knows who has gone through puberty, it’s a stressful time both for men and women, made no easier by the fact that there’s no sure fire way to know when the process will begin. Some people will enter puberty when they are between ten and 14 but you may wait as late as 18 until the process is fully completed.

What this means is that there is a five-year gap between the age of 13 and 18 when your penis may have reached its full size. So, if you’re 13 and waiting for the full effects of puberty to kick in, it can be doubly distressing to see other boys the same age as you who have nearly reached the end.

The impact on the mental wellbeing of men is considerable, and it’s something that we, as a society, have not yet fully got to grips with. While much has been written about the strain girls go through at the same time, the impact on boys is less understood. Young men are still expected to be stronger, and less emotional than girls. They do not talk about their feelings as much and the impact can be devastating.

Various studies show a remarkable gender imbalance when it comes to suicides between men and women, with young men much more likely to take their own lives[i]. Talking about the issues you face including all the stresses of puberty can be invaluable. Remember – everyone else has gone through the same problems, so they know the stress you’re coming under.

When does the penis stop growing

As a teenager boy, we all know the stress of looking at the penis, seeing it grow and wondering how big it can get. Size does matter, especially in the minds of teenagers. So, as you move towards the end of your teenage years it’s natural to ask, when has it got as big as it’s going to?

The disappointing answer is there’s no way to be sure. Penis growth is a natural part of puberty and when puberty stops it will have grown to be as big as it’s going to be.

As mentioned earlier puberty can begin anywhere between the ages of ten and 14 and people can fully go through puberty from as young as 13 up to 18. That means in any high school there will be boys who have completed puberty and those who have not even begun.

The difference between growth rates will be extremely noticeable, with some boys able to grow facial hair and others still looking like children. So, the only certain thing to say is that it will grow to whatever size it will.

However, as a rough guide, by the age of 16 the penis will have reached something close to its adult size. So, if you’re looking down there and hoping to gain a few more inches you might be disappointed.

You might also be disappointed by the answer to the obvious final question. Is there anything you can do to make it bigger? Despite the many websites promising all sorts of approaches from exercise to pills and the rather painful looking vacuum pumps, there is very little verifiable evidence to suggest any of these things work.

What you can do, though, is take several steps to make yourself feel a little better about yourself. For starters, you could lose weight. An overhanging belly doesn’t do much for you overall body image, and it will certainly make your penis look much smaller.

The truth is your body will do what it will do and there’s not much anyone can do about it. You can do some research to see what you can expect and a little exercise will make you feel better about yourself, but in truth there isn’t too much you can do to increase the final size.